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Hello, thanks for visiting.

My name is Louise Atkinson and I'm a potter. I loved art at school but I didn't really get into it as an adult until I went to pottery evening classes some fifteen years later. I began with pinch pots and slab work, some sculpture, and then moved on to throwing.

I love decorating and I started making the head pots when a friend came home from holiday in Italy having seen them there. After that I discovered medieval English slipware and it was love at first sight. I've made nothing else since, focussing on making my own English slipware with a modern narrative twist.





You can see some of my work by following the links to Instagram or Videos and I usually have a number of pieces on sale in the Gallery at Bluematchbox in Reading.

I've begun stocking my online store here, and you can get in touch here - if you'd like to.

Louise x


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